Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Walk into your local grocery store, pharmacy, or box store and you are likely to find an entire aisle filled with various toothbrushes and toothpaste options. This, of course, makes the process of choosing the right tools a bit overwhelming. The good news is that choosing a good toothbrush doesn’t have to be a complicated task. There are many on the market that will do a very good job at cleaning your teeth. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind as you narrow down the options.

Always opt for Soft

Many people are tempted to select a harder bristle type, believing that they will do a better job at removing the food particles and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Unfortunately, harder bristles can be damaging to the soft tissue of the mouth – particularly the gums. It has been found that regular use of hard bristles can result in the gum tissue pulling away from the teeth, which can invite bacteria in. Opt for soft bristles, which can properly clean the surface of the teeth without aggravating soft tissue.

Choose a Comfortable Size

Not every mouth is of the same size or shape. Some will find that it is difficult to get a toothbrush back to the further reaches of the teeth. Therefore, some will require a smaller toothbrush head or a more pronounced angle to the brush.

The Truth About Powered Toothbrushes

The battery-operated toothbrushes on the market do not clean your teeth any better than a traditional toothbrush. Although, children tend to be more motivated to brush their teeth when they are handed a powered toothbrush. They are also good for people who have disabilities or conditions that make it challenging to move a traditional toothbrush properly (i.e. arthritis, partial paralysis).

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