Lose the Bad Breath with These Helpful Foods

Have a job interview? Meeting up with friends? Hoping for a nice night with your significant other? Then, you don’t want to be worrying about bad breath. If this is a concern, then you should fill up your plate with one of these bad-breath-masking foods before the big event.

Whether your bad breath is a result of the onions and garlic consumed at lunch or do to a chronic case of dry mouth, there are ways to cover up the offending smell, so you can talk without feeling self-conscious.

Parsley and Spearmint

It is arguably one of the most effective combatants of bad breath. The oils in these herbs combine to wipe out all signs of halitosis. Steep them with your tea or just chew on them for a few minutes before heading out.

Hot Tea

Speaking of tea, it is also recommended for those suffering with halitosis. In particular, green tea is highly effective because it contains hefty doses of antioxidant to kill the bad-breath-causing bacteria.


An apple a day will keep the dentist away, right? If the problem causing you to head to the dental chair is halitosis, the adage may just prove true. Apples and pears have high water content, naturally encourage saliva production, and can wash away the lasting scents of lunch.


Low in sugar and high in water content, celery is a favorite of dentists. It can provide a big boost in dental hygiene by increasing saliva production as well. All of that also makes it a superb choice when battling bad breath.

All of these can really help alleviate the primary symptom of halitosis. However, you should also reach for that glass of water. Very often, bad breath is a result of dehydration. Saliva production falls off when the body is dehydrated, leading to dry mouth, increased bacteria growth in the mouth and, therefore, bad breath.

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