• Home Whitening vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening
    White teeth are the envy of people all over the world. Unfortunately, eating certain foods, consuming various beverages, and simply aging can result in staining and yellowing of the teeth. Read more
  • How to Properly Care for Dentures
    Although dentures are not exactly the same as your natural teeth, they still require regular care and regular appointments to the dentist’s office. Caring for them properly can mean extending Read more
  • How to Prevent Teeth Grinding
    It can be very aggravating to suffer headaches or jaw pain, all while knowing that it is a result of your teeth clenching or grinding habit. This is a problem, Read more
  • Dental Health Concerns Facing Senior Citizens
    Dental health is a concern at all ages, and something that requires regular care. However, as a person ages, the number of potential dental concerns can grow. Here are a Read more
  • Affordable Dentistry For a Better Life
    First of all, some people don’t realize the importance of dental health. We tend to think that astute dental health is essential only for maintaining a nice smile, rather what Read more
  • Why You Need Dental Services
    Of all the parts in our body, dental health is one of the most important. We can eat, talk, smile, and feel confident because of our teeth and gums. Those Read more
  • How You Can Easily Cut Down on Sugar for Better Dental Health
    Most people realize that sugar is not good for the teeth. The bad bacteria, which cause decay and possible infection, feed on the sugar left behind after you eat. If Read more
  • Oral Cancer Signs and Symptoms
    Cancer is a huge concern these days, as it should be, and most people now realize that catching it early is the best way of ensuring that it can be Read more
  • Why You Should Talk to Your Dentist About Your Anemia
    There are a number of different reasons why a person might develop anemia, but the problem of having too few red blood cells. Those cells play an important function in Read more
  • Choosing the Right Toothbrush
    Walk into your local grocery store, pharmacy, or box store and you are likely to find an entire aisle filled with various toothbrushes and toothpaste options. This, of course, makes Read more
  • What to Do When a Child Knocks a Tooth Out
    Most children are very active. That is a good thing. But, all of the running, jumping, and colliding can result in teeth being dislodged. This is particularly common in very Read more
  • Lose the Bad Breath with These Helpful Foods
    Have a job interview? Meeting up with friends? Hoping for a nice night with your significant other? Then, you don’t want to be worrying about bad breath. If this is Read more
  • The Link Between Dental Health and Heart Health
    There is a theory that there is a direct link between dental health and heart health.  This was a profound discovery that had many people reporting more diligently to their Read more
  • Four Great Ways to Get Your Child to Brush His or Her Teeth
    If you are having trouble getting your child to brush his or her teeth, rest assured that you are not alone. This is a common concern of parents with young Read more
  • How Diabetes Impacts Dental Health
    Periodontal disease is a leading concern in this country and throughout the world. Another and arguably bigger worry is the growing number of cases of diabetes. There are nearly thirty Read more
  • Your Options After Tooth Extraction
    Learning that you will need to have a tooth pulled can be a very scary moment. Wisdom teeth extraction is one thing, but when the tooth is being pulled due Read more

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